Guide to Mafia Wars Autoplayer – Installation and Execution

Mafia wars add on is on of the best tool or a auto player machine ever seen so far.
what it does is, it completes approximately  75% of your work. Thus you are not needed to click things all day long

Let me tell you how to install it, run it, and use it.

All you need to do is click on the link below to install the add on. Note that this works charming in Google chrome. Firefox and Opera has not been tested yet.

Clcik this :
You will be seeing this kind of page. click the Install button on the top right part of the screen. Download will start any time soon.

Mafia wars autoplayer

As when you click the INSTALL button your download starts. further click the continue button to start the script. Similar to the image below.

click continue button this is what will appear. Click Install Right away. A meaage will appear for you at the top of the browser ” Mafia Wars ad- on added to the browser”


Next you are all set to launch. Go to the Mafia wars game screen . This time you will find some changes. A green arrow will appear on right screen just like this shown below.

Now you are with too many option to do with. Names almost tells the story. You can now collect from all properties across all countries and deposit them in bank simultaneously.

battlefield addon

Let me now show you simple Automated fight tool. Click on the battlefield.
Next thing what appears is  this.

As you can find tabs on the top circled with red. Move to different tabs and make the settings as per your need. This is how is did it and it works for me.

Lastly you need to click Random Attack. As you do it the game begins. The automated engine starts attacks all the players specially to the players that are weaker than you.
The attacks goes on in this way.


 This all i have shown you. So sit back relax start the attack this will attack util your stamina goes down to zero. All the attack stats are displayed on the bottom screen. The loots also will be available. There are many more things that can be done using this tool.
You can create gift links as well same as Link-a-nator.


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